The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a report on wages for the first quarter of 2019, and the report shows that Chattooga County is one of just a few counties in our part of the state where wages have not increased during the first part of this year.

There are fifteen counties in the Northwest Georgia Region and of those fifteen counties, only five have seen wages fall.  Murray, Pickens, Haralson and Dade Counties join Chattooga to round out the list of counties where worker’s average wages are not on the rise.

Gilmer County saw an increase in the average weekly raise during the first quarter of this year, but still remains at the bottom when it comes to what workers bring home at $628 per week.  Chattooga County is next to the bottom at $648 per week.  That compares to $879 per week in Bartow County that is at the top of the list.  That’s a difference of $12,012 per year between the top county in the Northwest Georgia region and Chattooga County.

The statistics are averages of weekly paychecks in all segments of the workforce.