Danielle Bradley Brooks

Danielle Bradley Brooks

A Walker County employee has been charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from the department where she works.

According to LaFayette Police Department detective Robbie Tate:

Danielle Bradley Brooks, 23, who has worked since October 2005 for the Walker County Board of Health’s environmental health services department in LaFayette, has been arrested for embezzling more than $20,000. The thefts occurred during the past four years.

Brooks has been charged with seven felony counts of theft. More charges could be made, pending results of an audit.

Brooks was under investigation while on her honeymoon. She was arrested July 1, about two weeks after returning.

Environmental health services is where citizens receive their sewerage permits. Brooks was responsible for taking payments for the permits.

“She had two receipt books,” Tate said. “When somebody would pay cash, she would write out of this second receipt book and she wasn’t depositing the cash. “Since she is a government employee, it doesn’t matter about the dollar amount. Each one of them (illegal transactions) is a felony.”

The Board of Health could conduct an audit to determine exactly how much Brooks embezzled. Officials believe she took at least $20,000. Tate definitely believes the figure is higher.

Since embezzlement is a “white-collar” crime, Brooks may not serve prison time, but rather receive probation and be ordered to pay restitution.

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