Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskel made the decision to go into the ambulance business public last week, saying that she believed Walker County could best provide the service to it’s citizens.  Heiskel’s plans call for 7 ambulances and 30 employees for the new ambulance service. 

Walker County Administrator David Ashburn is using the Chattooga County Ambulance service as an example of a county ambulance service that makes money.  Ashburn and Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskle have told local media that they expect to see a profit from the new Walker County Ambulance service that will be taking over from Hutcheson Medical Center on December 31st of this year. 

The problem is, this year the Ambulance service in Chattooga County did not see a profit.  In fact there was almost a $100,000 loss.  Much of the loss can be attributed to the sharp increase in diesel fuel in 2008.  Diesel fuel in 2007 was over $2.00 per gallon cheaper than it was in much of 2008.