Cloudland area residents that live in Walker County are not happy with Commissioner Bebe Heiskell.  Many residents have told AM 1180 that the decision to merge voting precincts in Walker County will effectively stop them from participating in elections. 

The Daugherty Precinct which was located in the High Area of Cloudland will be merged with the Mountain Precinct which goes up Lookout Mountain over 25 miles.   Voters in Walker County in the Cloudland Community will now be forced to drive up the mountain to the Mt. Pleasant Community Center to vote in any election. 

Walker County made the decision to consolidate the precinct to save money, but some mountain residents say it is just one more way Walker County ignores them and their needs.  They cite the recent decision to stop garbage service at Daughtery Gap Fire Hall and the Daugherty Gap Road which has remained closed for 6 months, shutting off a main route for mountain residents to get to LaFayette along with the closing of their polling place as proof that Walker County Government does not address their needs and concerns.

Residents in the Armuchee Valley Community of Walker County will also be affected by the consolidation of precincts with West Armuchee and East Armuchee precincts being consolidated into a new precinct – The Armuchee Valley Precinct.