Summerville Police are looking for a man accused of throwing a firework inside a residence with children present, causing the house to be evacuated due to smoke.

WZQZ News reported last week ( See previous story here ) that the incident happened on Friday, July 5th around 1:30 AM .

Police say that Willie Stubbs threw what is believed to have been a firework inside the residence of his ex-girlfriend on Hawkins Drive in Summerville.  The ex-girlfriend, along with another witness, told police that they heard Stubbs and his current girlfriend outside the residence and a short time later saw him fling open the front door. The woman said that Stubbs tossed some sort of explosive into the residence and caused her to be in fear for her and her children’s safety.

The Summerville Fire Department responded and cleared the home of the smoke with the aid of a fan.

When police questioned the ex-girlfriend as to why Stubbs would do something like that, she said that she had recently filed for child support and believed that Stubbs and his new girlfriend were upset that he was going to have to pay child support.

A Summerville Police officer was in the area at the time of the incident and saw the commotion and stopped to investigate.  According to a report released this week, police are seeking Stubbs on charges of criminal trespass and reckless conduct.