A question came up during Tuesday evenings political forum about the by-laws of the Chattooga County Water Board.  AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke yesterday (Thursday) afternoon with Chris Corbin, the attorney for Chattooga County who stated that he had looked into the issue and discovered that there are no by-laws for the County Water Board.  In fact, the Water Board was created by an act of the Commissioner in 1979 when Commissioner Denson signed a resolution creating the board and there have been no governing by-laws. 

The question was raised at the Forum on Tuesday evening was regarding the possibility of making the Water Board more representative of the whole county, including those who do not have water.  Currently only people who have water service are on the County Water Board.  One of the board members is served by Chattooga County Water District #1 but actually lives in Walker County.

The County Water Board serves as an advisory board to the county commissioner and has no decision making authority, the can however set rules and regulations that guid the day to day operations of the water district.  The Chattooga County Water District #1 was created in 1953.