The Chattooga county water board met Monday night. They adopted a new set of by laws and named 2009 officers. Vice chair is board member Larry Wesson, treasurer is board member Brad Hayes and secretary is board member Jimmy Holbrook. Former Chattooga County Commissioner Mike Dawson serves as chairman of the board.  Topics of discussion included the new construction that can be seen in the gore Subligna area and the progress in cloudland. Crews have laid approximately a mile and a half of water pipe in Gore – Subligna area and they estimate that they are approximately 3000 feet from completing the project on old highway 337.  A report was given about the status of current Cloudland customers. Last month 52 water bills were sent out and there are only 24 customers actively using water services in that area. Commissioner Jason winters and all the water board members expressed their concern over the lack of customers and water use in that area but all agreed that the project was a positive decision and are glad that the county can serve people in need in the Cloudland area.  Commissioner Winters and the board are hopeful that as summertime sets in and the weather heats up there will be an increase in customers who sign on to use the water supply system in cloudland. Mary Beth Housch