Rome web site owner and operator Teresa Watson was in court in Chattooga County today before Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Bo Wood in a case brought by a Chattooga County couple accusing the web site operator of defamation. 

Ed and Brenda Hammitt brought the case after a web – poster on Watson’s web site accused them of being involved with illegal drugs.  The web – poster who used the name "Dirtyboy" was later identified as Kenneth Busbin, Sr. of Chattooga County.  Busbin, who is also involved in the case is being represented by Summerville attorney Ben Ballenger.  Watson is representing herself in court. 

The Hammitt’s are being represented by Jack Harriss and Summerville attorneys Jon Dennis and Rex Abernathy.  According to reports from Monday’s proceedings, Judge Bo Wood told those involved in the case that they had until Wednesday at 5 PM to have the case wrapped up.