Weather Related Problems Yesterday

 During yesterday’s thunderstorms that rolled through the area there was a lightning strike that shook the building at Leroy Massey Elementary School. It was extremely close to the building and caused several ceiling tiles to shake and dust to fill the school. The Summerville Fire Department checked the building and found no fire. Classes continued as normal. Also the Summerville Fire Department responded to a call from Advanced Rehab where a similar incident had taken place, but there was no fire. Two serious wrecks happened yesterday during the bad weather.  One accident was in front of the Save-A-Lot Shopping Center where, reportedly a car pulled out into the path of an oncoming vehicle.   According to reports there were serious injuries with one young girl being transported to Chattanooga’s Children’s Hospital. Another accident sent a 19 year old man to the hospital with life threatening injuries.  Emergency responders told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the bad weather and speed were factors in the accident that happened on Sunnydale Road.  According to reports, the man was negotiating a curve when he left the roadway and struck a tree.  The impact of the accident was so great that the engine from the older model Dodge diesel truck he was driving was sitting in the middle of the road when responders arrived.  Tools from the truck were thrown as far away as 100 feet from the vehicle.