Ronnie Smith, Age 40 of Dallas, GA Charged with Urinating in Public, DUI and driving with expired license

Shane Sword, Age 18 of Summerville Charged with State Court Probation Violation

Joshua Sword, Age 26 of Summerville, Charged with parole violation

Rebecca Spurlock, Age 47 of Americus, GA Charged with Superior Court Probation Violation

Donald Thornton, Age 42 of Atlanta, GA Charged with Superior Court FTA (9 Counts)

Vinicio Lopez, Age 22 of Trion, Charged with driving without a license

Ashly Adams, Age 19 of Summerville Charged with pointing a gun at another

Holly Haygood, Age 17 of Summerville, Charged with being a public drunk

Jacob Ratliff, Age 18 of Lyerly, Charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and littering

Joshua Bell, Age 18 of Summerville, charged with urinating in public

Sabrina Wilson, Age 23 of Summerville, charged with disorderly conduct

Apache Campbell, Age 24 , Charged with disorderly conduct

Heather Byars, Age 20 of Trion, Charged with Deposit Account Fraud