Chattooga County State Court is at a standstill.  Former State Court Solicitor Tim Perry resigned from his position and announced in January that he would be quitting the job of solicitor in order to run for State Court Judge – the seat currently held by Judge Sam Finster.

In the mean time state court cases are backing up in Chattooga County.  Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters told AM 1180 that the county is not collecting revenue from state court since there is no money coming in.  Over the past several years the county has collected anywhere from $218,000 – $323,000 per year from state court.

     *  2009 – $ 222,000

     *  2008 –  $247,000

     *  2007 –  $323,000

     *  2006 –  $218,000

Judge Finster and former solicitor Tim Perry have both gone on record urging the governor to make an appointment to fill the position of State Court Solicitor so that State Court can resume in Chattooga County.

On Thursday afternoon, AM 1180 spoke with Governor Perdue’s office about where the Governor stood in the selection process for state court solicitor in Chattooga County.  Chris Shrimpf , the Governor’s Press Secretary, stated that with the legislature in session and several vacancies in judgeships throughout the state the Governor’s office has not had time to conduct the interviews necessary to fill the position.

AM 1180 has learned that at least one person in Chattooga County has been interviewed by the governor’s office for the position of State Court Solicitor.  Meanwhile, after six weeks since Perry’s resignation, state court cases continue to pile up and revenue from those cases is haulted.