Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters addresed a meeting of the Chattooga Couny Young Farmers on Thursday evening about the proposed new Ag Center.

A coalition of agricultural producers including the Young Farmers and the Chattooga County Farm Bureau as well as County Government and the Chattooga County School System have joined forces to make the proposed center a reality.

Commissioner Winters said that plans are being worked out with Smith Iron Works in Lyerly to produce the first phase of the project which will be a large pavilion.  Winters said that it was important to the ag committee working on the new Ag Center to keep the project local.  Winters told the Young Farmers that in addition to the building being produced locally, a local contractor would be hired to help oversee the project while the labor will be provided by inmates from Hays State Prison.

In addittion to the pavilion, plans are for a restroom facility at the location which will be on land that is being leased to the Ag Committee by the Chattooga County Board of Education.  Winters said the first phase of the Ag Center building will be similar to the Ag Center Pavilion located in Walker County in Rock Spring.