Summerville Police say that the Family Dollar store in Summerville recently banned a woman from coming back to the store after a suspected shoplifting incident.

Police were called by the Family Dollar store manager last week after a woman, a juvenile and a man left the store, setting off the alarm.  The manager asked the woman to step back in the store and the woman replied, “I am not coming back in, you will have to call the cops”.  According to the store manager, the woman then began to use abusive language towards the store manager.  The three left the premises.

When police arrived the store manager said that another shopper had identified the suspect as Lacey Timmons.  Officers were able to determine the identity of the woman and went to her residence on Union Street.

Police talked with Ms. Timmons who said that she didn’t steal anything.  Timmons then told police that she had “stepped on something in the store” that stuck to her shoe and made the alarm go off.

The officers told Ms. Timmons that she was banned from coming back to the store.