Photo Credit: The Summerville News

Back on January 3rd, Summerville Public Works Director Terry Tinney was called to the scene of a sinkhole that developed on Red Oak Road in Summerville near the Summerville Wastewater Treatment Plant.  It turns out, the sinkhole was caused by a collapsed 30-inch sewer line.  Tinney says that the old metal pipe had corroded and collapsed, causing a major problem for the City of Summerville.

The collapsed sewer line and manholes near the sewer line all had to be prepared, but quick thinking by Tinney saved the City of Summerville from a costly sewage spill.  Summerville City Manager Janice Galloway commended Tinney and his crew for being able to divert the sewage from the collapsed pipe to the wastewater treatment plant.  All of this problem is coming with a hefty price-tag for the city.

Terry Tinney told WZQZ News on Monday that he hasn’t added up how much the problem is going to cost the city, but at last count the bill was well over $170,000 – and that doesn’t include the overtime pay for city employees who manned the temporary pumps 24-hours a day.

The good news is the work is wrapping up at the site.  Tinney told WZQZ News on Monday, “It’s about 95% complete.  We just have some clean up left to do and we will have it complete.” Tinney said Red Oak Road off of Highway 100 will be reopened today, which means there will be access to the Chattooga County Animal Shelter.

The Animal Shelter has been closed for over two weeks and has been operating out of the offices of Chattooga County Public Works on Stockade Road until the repairs could be completed on Red Oak Road.