Chattooga County Public Works Director Lamar Canada told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio today that work is progressing on the Lyerly Dam Bridge on schedule.  Canada said that the work should be completed and the bridge re-opened to traffic within 2 to 4 weeks.

Contractors working on the bridge have replaced over 2300 bolts and Canada said that workers feel confident that the work will be completed within the next few weeks.

Canada also is urging motorist to use caution in the 1600 block of Foster Manning Road due to roadwork that was done on Tuesday.  Due to the rain the county work crews will have to come back and finish up the work on the road.

Also, county work crews are working to get roadways in the county mowed.  At last week’s Commissioner’s meeting, Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters said that if your road has not been mowed you can contact the Chattooga County Commissioner’s Office at 706-857-0700.  The county has added a fourth mowing crew to work on getting the roadways cut.