A teen is reportedly missing in the flood waters. Details are still limited.

Crews are working vigorously to stop the levee from overflowing. Right now, it’s about a foot from flood level. The sheriff’s office, EMA and a number of volunteers are all out here. Prison detail from Chattooga County and inmates from Hays State Prison are laying down sandbags.

Officials tell us Trion has been facing severe flood levels throughout the city.

Several residents have been evacuated from their home. And many are staying at a nearby shelter.

Trion Police Chief Chad Spraggins says it’s some of the worst flooding he’s seen in years.

"We do have flooding across the area, and it’s widespread," said Spraggins. "Right now the levee is holding, and it has not broken, thank goodness."

The levee has not been damaged.

Generally flood levels are around 15 feet.

Residents can seek temporary shelter at the Pentecostal Worship Center in Summerville.

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