The request by some property owners in Summerville to rezone their property from Residential to Commercial brought on some heated discussion at the Summerville City Council meeting on Monday afternoon.

The owners of the property at 76 Jones Street in Summerville had requested that their property be rezoned so that they could operate a Beauty Shop and a Clean Up Shop at the location.  Several residents voiced opposition to the change in zoning. 

The Summerville City Council voted to leave the property zoned as R2 – Residential.  The owners of the property were told by the council that they could use 25% of the residence as commercial property, meaning the beauty shop could operate.

This did not satisfy many of the residents who were opposed to the property being used for any commercial use.  The residents expressed heated opposition to the decision by the city council.

 Correction – The city will continue to allow the clean up shop to operate at the location, because the clean up shop is "grandfathered" in under the city zoning ordinance.  However, no new business will be allowed to operate at the location.