It has been a week on Thursday since the Georgia Department of Transportation put up electronic signs telling commercial traffic that Highway 117 at Mentone was closed.  The signs remain in downtown Summerville telling truckers and through-traffic to use Georgia Highway 114 (The Lyerly Highway) as an alternate route to Highway 48.

WZQZ News spoke with the Georgia Department of Transportation last week after the signs caused concern because they read, “Highway 48 Closed At Menlo”.  Joe Schulman with the Georgia DOT said that the detour posted would not affect local Menlo, Cloudland and Mentone residents that were using Highway 48 to get home.

A short time after that conversation, the Georgia DOT changed the electronic signs to say “Alabama Highway 117 Closed at Mentone”, which clarified the situation for local residents.

The Alabama Department of Transportation said on Wednesday that they were taking soil samples to determine a solution for the problem going down the mountain on Highway 117 between Mentone and Valley Head.  They hope to have a resolution in the upcoming days, but for now, the Alabama Department of Transportation’s website says the road will be closed through April 30th.