The Summerville City Council voted to approve the alcohol license for two convenience stores in the city at Monday night’s city council meeting, but the vote to approve the licenses came after the council initially voted against the approval. 

The alcohol license approval was on the agenda and Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey asked for a vote to approve the licenses for Yash Food Mark and Smoke Shop in Summerville.  The measure received a motion from Councilman Dale Housch and Councilman Zach Martin.  However, when the initiall vote was taken Councilmen Ford, Windle and Money opposed the motion and it was defeated.

Summerville City Attorney Albert Palmour told the mayor and councilmen that if they were not going to approve the license they needed to state a reason.

Mayor Harvey then brought the license up individually and the council voted in favor of granting the license to Yash Food Mark pending the approval of verification of immigration status for the store owner.  The City of Summerville had attempted to gain the verification from Federal Immigration authorities but had a problem with the password for the online verification system.  The city has since received a new password, but approval takes about a week.  Mayor Harvey said that he did not expect any problem with the immigration verification.  The vote was then unanimous to approve the alcohol license for Yash Food Mark.

The license for Smoke Shop was also approved with Councilmen Ford, Housch, Money and Martin voting in favor and Councilman Ford voting against the granting of the license.