Police are investigating robbery that occurred at Gold-n-Locks on Shorter Avenue on Friday.

According to Charles Young, who works at the store, a black male dressed in a black jacket, black pants, and a black hat came in with scrap gold to sell. When Young got the money bag to pay the man, the robber snatched the bag and made a break for the back door.

Young said the man did not have a weapon.

A woman who was sitting on a couch tripped the man and he fell into a cabinet. Young said he was able to get his hands on the robber, but that he could not hold him down.

“Young said his hand was scratched, but no one was seriously injured. The cabinet was damaged during the struggle. Police are searching for the suspect in the area between Shorter Avenue and Martha Berry Boulevard at this time.

This is the second robbery in the area in less than 24 hours. A robber of similar description took money at gunpoint at Buffalo’s Southwest Cafe on Shorter Avenue Thursday night. A man was shot in the leg during the commission of that crime.

An employee at Buffalo’s said Friday morning that the restaurant manager was shot. He went to the hospital in a private vehicle and was treated and released. The employee said he has not badly injured.