Cherokee County authorities continued to receive complaints this week, regarding several suspicious individuals, claiming to be selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. The men are traveling in a white van with blacked out windows.

Complainants have said that the men claim to be selling the merchandise, as part of some type of fundraising effort through Gadsden State Community College – however, GSCC Officials, say that the men are in no way associated with the college. In each case, the subjects have been extremely insistent on entering the home  by either offering an alleged demonstration of the vacuum cleaner  or, failing that, then asking to use the restroom…whatever gets them in the door. Area residents should be extremely cautious about allowing strangers into your home, no matter what tactics they use. 

If anyone attempts to force their way into your residence – or if you feel uncomfortable in any way with that person’s presence, tell them to leave, then contact the local authorities.