Courtney Marie Chamlee – Poss. of Marijuana w/ intent to Distribute, Poss. of Marijuana w/ intent to distribute within 1000ft of a housing project, possess. of marijuana less than 1 oz., pos of firearm or knife while tryint to commit crimes, possession & use of drug related objects.

Jorge Cruz – Disorderly Conduct

Laura Garcia – Superior Court Failure to Appear orig. offense theft by shoplifting

Michael Allen Hines – Weekends/Superior Court Sentenced

Henry Lewis Johnson – Poss. of marijuana less than 1 oz., poss. manuf. distrib., etc. marijuana, drug related objects, driving with suspended or revoked license, tag light illumination required.

Randall Soctt Jones – Weekends/Superior  Court Sentenced

Joseph Stacy King – Weekends/Superior Court Sentenced

Charity Rae London – Obstruction of Officers

Betty JoAnn Lowrance – Weekends/Superior Court Sentenced

Stryder Fain Maddox – Simple Battery

Atley Bernard Settles – Probation Violation orig. offense sale of cocaine

John Wade Jr. – pending charges

Jose Luis Alvarez – Public Drunk

Gerardo Luis Cabrera – No License

Joshua Lee Sword – State Court Probation Violation