Arrest Report for January 19th

Jeremy Todd Bramlett 27 of Trion CCNU hold

Robert M. Hughes 33 of Summerville, Superior court probation violation violation Original charge poss meth, burglary, arson 1st degree

Kody Rian Jacome 19 of Summerville superior court probation violation orig.DUI/Seatbelt violation

John Shane Moore, age 38 of Summerville probation violation

Edward Jerome Reeves age 22 of Atlanta, superor court failure to appear orig. Poss of telecomm device by inmate

James Neal White age 36 of Summerville, probation violation

Travis Michael Woodring age 27 of Trion state probation violation

Nelda Rebecca Lindsey age 59 of Summerville charged with deposit account fraud, misdemeanor

Carlos Shuntel Underwood age 32 of Summerville charge with battery

Clemmie Lavette Williams age 46 of Summerville

Charged with good behaviour warrent