Nicholas Loyd Trammell, Charged with Parole Violation

Matthew Chase Sprayberry, Charged with Failure to Appear

Kayla Leeann Johnson, Charged with Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Matthew Nathaniel Christol, Held on Pending Charges

Garth Anthony Gentry, Held on Pending Charges

Kimberly Joyce Perry, Charged with Probation Violation

Dewayne Jason Kerr, Charged with Probation Violation

Becky Rose Schilling, Charged with DUI / Drugs, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane

Salvador Arriage, Charged with DUI / Alcohol, Driving without a Valid License, Open Container

Linda Kay Stena, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Earianna Sprayberry Trammell, Charged with Simple Assault