Jennifer Marie Floyd, age 20 of Summerville, Charged with Failure to Appear

Jennifer Ann Gorfain, age 28 of Summerville, Charged with Probation Violation

Rodney Marvin Hines, age 27 of Trion, Charged with Parole Violation and Interference with Government Property

Julio Mendez, age 58 of Trion, Charged wtih Criminal Trespass

Frank Roy Roper, age 26 of Summerville, Charged with Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers by the use of Threats or Violence, Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunkeness, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License

Crissy Nicole Scott, age 28 of LaFayette, Charged with Failure to Appear

Carlous Danielle Wood, age 31 of Trion, No Charges Listed

Gabriel Baudilio, age 28 of Trion, Charged with Criminal Trespass

Orville Deron Wllin, Jr., age 43 of Trion, No Charges Listed