The second annual Northwest Georgia Balloon Festival is underway at Tilltoson Field in Menlo. This year’s event will feature the world’s tallest hot air balloon and 12 others flying fives times during the weekend. The Energizer Bunny is 166 feet tall when inflated and her ears alone are 60 feet high. Her blue flip-flops are size 98 EEEEE and she weighs 1,170 pounds. Her drum is 45 feet in diameter and 20 feet wide and powder puff tail is 20 feet in diameter There are five different flights scheduled this year. If the weather cooperates, balloons will fly again at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  Organizers sat that weather free of rain or storms doesn’t mean its balloon weather. Because the massive balloons have limited means to steer, the winds high off the ground must be at their calmest. This occurs just after sunrise and just before dusk. She also said those in attendance will have the chance to ride in a teetered balloon, as well as walk into the canopy of an inflated balloon to get a feel for the size of it. A balloon will be inflated on the ground with cooler air so that it doesn’t fly away.