Law enforcement officials have arrested 26-year-old Terri Hartness, a Bartow County 911 operator, and charged her with one count of felony computer theft, said GBI Agent Jerry Scott.

Also charged with the same crime was 24-year-old Timothy Allen Keown, Scott said.

He said the charges stemmed from inappropriate use of a computer at the Bartow 911 center, accessing private information for illegal use.

“We are very protective of the private information of citizens in the general public, and this action was inappropriate,” Scott said.

He said Keown is already in custody in the Gordon County Jail on unrelated charges.

He said Hartness was arrested Wednesday night and is being questioned by law enforcement officials.

Scott said this was a joint investigation by the GBI, Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, the Calhoun Police Department and the Georgia Crime Investigation Center.