The holiday season brings with it more than its share of scam and there is  information on yet another attempt to steal personal, private information, this time, via the Internet. 

An e-mail is currently going around purportedly from a Systems Administrator  with the header "Your Webmail Expires in Two (2) Days".

The body of the message states that the e-mail was sent automatically, by the program on the Webmail Administration Center, etc. following that there’s a section instructing you to enter the following information : your e-mail Address; Username/ID; and your current Password.

The e-mail message attempts to frighten the recipient by going on to state that from this point, you will be unable to receive new e-mail; provide us with the information to enable us to re-set your Webmail immediately.

This is merely another take on the old telephone scam.

Personal, private information is just that: Personal and Private. It doesn’t matter how the scam artist obtains that information it still allows them to use your identity to run up huge amounts of debt (trashing your credit)  while cleaning out your bank account at the same time.

Hang Up or Hit Delete – the end result is the same –  you’ve just protected yourself from a con artist.