“Become a Love & Logic Parent”

FREE  seven-week course developed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

Tuesday, January 24, 20126:00 p.m.Summerville Middle School

This program holds a 30-year track record of success and is designed to help parents:

·       raise respectful and responsible kids. 

·       create youngsters who resist society’s pressures to experiment with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and other dangerous behaviors. 

·       guide parents in difficult moments of child rearing. 

·       provide simple techniques for all children, toddlers to teens. 

·       parents completing the course will receive a Love & Logic “Parenting  Class Certificate”.  

For more information, contact Mrs. Jennie Starr at 706-857-2444 or

 jestarr@chattooga.k12.ga.us .