Chris Coats had a rough day Sunday attempting to go fishing at Paris Lake at Georgial Highlands College.

Coats was putting his boat into the water at Paris Lake, located at Georgia Highlands College, about 2 p.m. Sunday when his truck slid into the water and was halfway submerged before he could apply the brakes.

Floyd County police officer Buddy Parris said Coats had placed a rock under a front wheel to keep the truck from rolling, but the wheel rolled over the rock.

Floyd County police stayed on the scene until Coats’ truck, boat and trailer were all removed by a wrecker. Coats was forced to sit inside the truck until the wrecker arrived to keep the truck and trailer from going farther into the lake.

Besides some hurt pride and a sore foot, Parris said Coats was uninjured. The truck received some water damage, but was otherwise driveable.