DeKalb County Alabama Sheriff’s Investigators joined officials from the District Attorney’s Office in exhuming a body on Wednesday at Fuller Cemetery in Ider. The body of Billy Junior Shaw was exhumed he was 65 when he died. Sheriff Jimmy Harris said the case is being treated as a homicide investigation, and the exhumation is a further step in an investigation which dates back several months. Harris went on to say that investigators currently have a person, or persons of interest, but would not release any names. According to District Attorney Mike O’Dell, Shaw, who died in his home on April 22nd, 2008, was exhumed after circumstances led authorities to believe that he did not die from natural causes. O’Dell said a number of things are being looked at involving the case, but would not elaborate on any specifics. The body was taken to the Huntsville Forensics Lab. Sheriff Harris said the family of Mr. Shaw is supportive at this time. This is the first time in decades that a body has been exhumed in the area – with District Attorney O’Dell stating that the last time it occurred was in Cherokee County, in the late 1960’s.WEIS RADIO