Bond has been set for a murder suspect in Dekalb County.

Dekalb District Judge Steve Whitmire, set bond at $150,000 Tuesday, for Nathan Garrett Wilder, who is charged with the murder of his estranged wife. Assistant District Attorney Bob Johnston said that Wilder’s attorney, Tony Jennings, had filed the motion December 15th, requesting bond be set in the case. Johnston said that Judge Whitmire, accepted a series of recommendations from the state, concerning Wilder’s release, should he post bond.

Wilder would not be allowed to have any contact with the alleged victim’s family or their two children, place of employment or the daycare where one of the children attends.

He added that Wilder would also have to comply, with all the conditions set-forth, by the court referral program.

28 year old Elizabeth Virginia Wilder, was found dead December 10th, at a home located at 900 Grand Avenue Northwest – Ft Payne Chief of Detectives Mike Grant, said that the crime occurred at around noon that day.

The Wilders were reportedly involved in a domestic dispute which became physical and led to the homicide. According to Ft Payne Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree  30 year old Nathan Wilder called Ft Payne 9-1-1 and informed a dispatcher, that he and his wife had been fighting, and she was possibly dead. He then stated that he had choked his wife with a belt.

When officers arrived, Wilder stepped onto the front porch surrendering without incident.

Commissioner Ogletree said Tuesday, that an autopsy report is still pending.