The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a burglary on Back Berryton Road.  According to reports from the Sheriff’s Department Ronald Brewer of 800 Back Berryton Road called Chattooga 911 on Monday night when he returned home after being on the road for several months.  Brewer is a singer and had been away from home since December 27, 2010 the report stated.

When Brewer entered his home he found that a 12 gauge shotgun was missing from the hallway leading to the bedrooms in the house.  Also a Gateway Computer Notebook was missing and several pieces of gold and pearl jewelry were missing from jewlery boxes in the bed rooms.  Brewer found a pearl bracelet laying in the doorway of the front door to the home.  Brewer also told Sheriff’s Department investigators that the front door of the home was locked when he came home.

Officials believe that the burglar gained access to the home by bending back sheets of tin from the garage and gaining entry through a garage door.  The investigation continues into the burglary.