A Gordon County man, who even government attorneys describe as his own worst enemy, has been sentenced to serve five years in prison on felony weapons charges.

William Franklin Crocker, 31, of Calhoun, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Rome on Thursday, Feb. 10.

Crocker, who was arrested on April 5, 2010 by Gordon County sheriff’s deputies, built what Judge Robert L. Vining called, a “pretty full record” of criminal activity. He was charged with possession of a firearm by convicted felon and pleaded guilty in October.

Crocker was serving a period of supervised release from a 2007 drug arrest when he was found by officers in April, hid-ing in the carport of an abandoned home, clutching a nylon bag filled with four pistols and more than 165 rounds of am-munition.

He had also been arrested in 2004 for possessing a firearm while on probation for earlier drug charges.

“At the time of his arrest Gordon County sheriff’s deputies were making an arrest because he had sold narcotics to an undercover officer,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Teresa Hoyt. “This isn’t a case where a probation officer was check-ing in on him and found a gun in the closet.”

But defense attorney Suzanne Hashimi said Crocker’s life spiraled downward when he began using meth to cope with chronic pain due to a life long struggle with pain associated with clubbed feet.

“To deal with the pain he self medicated,” Hashimi said.

She said her client’s addiction to pain medication led him to illegal drugs which in turn made him paranoid and caused him to purchase illegal guns.

“His fear of the people around him made him want guns around him,” said Hashimi.

But both Hashimi and Hoyt described Crocker as a kind young man with a history of job success, an enviable credit rating and a strong family ties.

“He has a lot of good qualities,” said Hoyt. “He is capable of making good decisions and good choices.”

Crocker was sentenced to five years confinement followed by two years probation and his sister Tatum Crocker, has of-fered to move with him out of state to remove him from drug temptations in Calhoun.

“He wants to start anew without these connections,” Hashimi said.

Crocker will first be housed in a medical treatment facility to treat his physical medical problems before he is moved to prison.

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