The Calhoun Police Department  is asking the public’s help in identifying two suspects who they believe have been breaking into automobiles. The two men in these photos located below are wanted for questioning in connection with entering auto’s on W.C. Bryant Parkway. The suspects are driving a small, black SUV, make, model and tag number is unknown.

Calhoun Police say, “Suspects breaking into cars are looking for cash, credit cards, firearms, electronic devices such as, cellphones, laptop computers and GPS units. When leaving your vehicle unattended, leave nothing in plain view for others to see. Don’t leave computer and cellphone chargers in plain view, suggesting those items are in the vehicle. While exiting your car, watch for suspicious persons hanging around and report them to 911.”

Although the pictures give little to go on, should anyone recognize the suspects, contact Lt. David Nelson at 706-602-5774 or email,