A Cartersville Man was jailed in Chattooga County after trashing his cousin’s residence over the weekend.

Summerville Police were called to a State Street address after Charity Allgood said that her cousin had damaged the interior of her residence.  Allgood told a responding officer that Fernando Powell had come to her house around 4 AM on Saturday morning with a bag of clothes and was “irate, belligerent and violent”.  Allgood told the officer that Powell said he had a gun and took his clothes to a back bedroom where he ripped off the door.  He then came into the living room and broke the flat screen TV and scattered CD’s and then broke vases.

Police found Powell to be in a heavily intoxicated state and placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct.  Summerville Police say that they have warned Powell not to go back to his cousin’s residence.