A cell phone tax is being proposed by Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters to help fund the Enhanced 9-1-1 system.State law allows counties to tax cell phone and regular land lines. Currently a $1.50 tax is placed on land lines. However, the growing number of people using cell phones and doing away with their land lines has Commissioner’s Winters looking at the proposal.The new cell phone charge would put an additional $1.50 on each customer’s bill each month for each cell line.The proposed resolution states: “. . . Be it resolved by the governing authority of Chattooga County, Georgia, that a wireless enhanced 9-1-1 charge be imposed upon each wireless communications connection subscribed to by subscribers whose place of primary use is within the geographic area served by Chattooga County or that would be served by Chattooga County for the purpose of its emergency 9-1-1 system at the rate of $1.50 per month per wireless connection provided to each telephone subscriber.”The charge would not take place until after April 1 if approved by Commissioner Winters.The Summerville News