Remember the push earlier this year for people to fill out their census forms?  Well that push has paid off for Georgia.  The state’s population has increased meaning that a new congressional seat will be added.

State Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo), spoke with AM 1180 on Tuesday about what the numbers mean for the state.  Reece said that some had hoped for two additional congressional seats to be added, but one was almost certain.  Many North Georgia lawmakers from both parties, including Representative Reece, are hoping for a Congressional District that represents the old "District Seven."  That district did less to divide up Northwest Georgia. 

The current congressional district lumps Chattooga County in the same district as parts of the Atlanta Metro area.  Reece said that there is a good chance that the district will be re-drawn to give better representation in Congress to the residents of Northwest Georgia, including Chattooga County.