ATLANTA—U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia)  announced that he has been endorsed by over 100 Georgia Democrats for re-election to the United States Senate.  Democrats for Saxby includes 54 County Commissioners, 30 Sheriffs, 13 city officials and former Georgia Governor and United States Senator Zell Miller. In a letter dated July 17, 2008, Miller said, “He [Saxby] is needed in Washington more than ever before.  When I had the honor of serving with him in the U.S. Senate, I saw first hand his integrity, hard work and the high esteem his fellow Senators had for him.  We are very fortunate he is running again and I urge you to help him.” As a United States Senator, Saxby has a record of working with like-minded members of Congress to get things done for Georgia.  Most recently, he organized a bipartisan group of Senators and has proposed an energy plan that will break our dependence on foreign oil.  The so-called ‘Gang of Sixteen’ will introduce legislation in September that will include off-shore drilling, nuclear energy and recycling of nuclear waste, increased research of alternative fuels, conservation and tax credits for alternatively powered vehicles.   

Berrien County Commissioner Elna Bragdon said, “Saxby cares about individuals yet has the ability to see the big picture.  His interests cover all of Georgia and all Georgians rather than any particular area of the state or segment of the population.”

Senator Chambliss’ office has never released the full list of "100 Democrats" that endorsed him.