Both Chattooga and Walker counties have seen a good sales tax collection over the past few months, and except for the fact that property tax collection will be less for both counties this year, it appears that things are not nearly as bad for the two counties as they are for the state of Georgia.

Georgia is operating in a severe crunch and the governor has slashed state budgets, instituted furlough days and taken other cost cutting measures.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters has stated that the county will see about a $370,000 budget shortfall this year, but that the shortfall could be made up with budget cuts.  Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskel has stated that Walker County will loose around $600,000 this year.  

Both Chattooga County and Walker County have seen increases in spending, perhaps because fewer people are travelling to places like Chattanooga or Atlanta to make purchases and making those purchases closer to home.