The Chattooga County Water District met on Tuesday evening at the Cloudland Presbyterian Church in the Cloudland community.  The board heard from two Cloudland residents inquiring about water service on Highway 48. 

Board Chairman Sammy Lee told members that KM Davis, the contractor on Phase I of the Chattooga County Water Project, had agreed to replace cracked unions that have caused multiple problems.  The board chairman pointed out the the fittings were cracking due to a manufacturer defect, but said that KM Davis would cover the cost of replacing the unions and take the matter up with the manufacturer.

Commissioner Jason WInters, who also serves as a board member, told the board that the bids for the Chattooga County Water Project – Phase II would be advertised over the next several weeks and that the bid would be awarded on May 13 at the Commissioner’s Office in Summerville.

Note: Jimmy Holbrook serves on the Chattooga County Water Board representing the Cloudland Area.