Citing a Biblical reference about one of Christ’s miracles, Chattooga County School Superintendent Dwight Pullen has issued a statement telling local teachers to have faith in the face of budget cuts that are forcing the school system to cut work days for local educators by three days this year.   Pullen stated “I appreciate the hard work you do on behalf of our students.  You are dedicated, hard working individuals who routinely do much with little.  If we work together and have faith, we can make our five fish and two loaves of bread go a long way.” All of this comes as Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has announced that the state will withhold funding from local school systems across the state and has ordered three days of salary funding per teacher withheld from school systems as well.  Pullen said that the 3% cut in QBE funding by the governor will mean a loss of $476,000 to the Chattooga County school system.   Pullen has told teachers and certified staff NOT to report to work on August 3rd.  The superintendent went on to say that additional furlough days would be worked out by the Chattooga County Board of Education.