Spencir Bridges, 11, of Los Angeles, on Tuesday visited By Faith Studio in LaFayette to offer some advice and some of his personal experiences in the field of acting to local young aspiring actors.

Spencir is the son of Hollywood actor Todd Bridges and Dori Bridges, who is also a performer and originally from Trion.

Spencir has starred in various projects, including “Daddy Day Camp” with Cuba Gooding Jr., “The Starter Wife” with Sandra Bullock, and the Hallmark movie “The Three Gifts” with Dean Cain, just to name a few.

Spencir told the crowd what life is like for a young actor and following in his parents’ footsteps in Hollywood.

Spencir and Dori answered several questions from the audience about several aspects of the working actor, in-cluding what kind of headshots and photography to use, finding agents, and how the actors on television and movies are just like everyday people.

Several parents took the time to ask the mother and son about what parents and their children can expect in as-piring to be actors, schooling for young actors and avoiding potential Hollywood scams.

Spencir and Dori told the crowd of the importance of praying and keeping close to God, even in Hollywood.

Spencir said he enjoys video games and other activities like most children his age and how he treats life as an actor as a fun thing to do, rather than taking it too seriously.

Dori was asked how she keeps her acting son grounded in reality, and she said she keeps him in school with other children, where she is also employed as a special education assistant, and doesn’t let the fame go to his head.

Spencir said he enjoys coming to Georgia, where he gets to visit his family, from his mother’s side, and he enjoys trips to Georgia to get away from the loud and heavy traffic in Los Angeles and he plans to study computers once he goes to college.

Near the end of their visit, Vince Stalling, producer for By Faith Studio, thanked the Bridges for attending, and Dori performed a gospel song as requested by Stalling.

Later, Spencir signed autographs for all those in attendance and answered additional questions, proving that you can be a success in Hollywood and still be a down-to-earth kid.

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