Commissioner Elsberry is already looking to save money and so has removed a county road from the list of roads to be paved by the GDOT.

Commissioner Elsberry removed Oak-Hill Alpine Rd from a list of roads to be paved, a move which will save the county about $200,000. He still has a list of roads that need to have work done, including Bryant Rd and Blowing Springs Rd. The residents of Bryant Rd. turned in a petition for widening the road so that a school bus could safely travel it. There are 12 roads that are on the list to be paved this year. They include Elm St., Gadsden Ave., Sunnydale Rd., Mahan Rd., Saddle Club Rd., West Halls Valley Rd., Taliaferro Springs Rd., Three Oaks Dr., Elsie St., Carolyn St., Mildred St., and Woodhaven Dr.

Although Oak-Hill Alpine has been removed from the GDOT list, The Commissioner is seeking state bids to see who can provide the work.