The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department might be allowed to keep the 4 Dodge Chargers Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett acquired without approval by Chattooga County’s commissioner if certain requirements are met.

On Friday Everett acknowledged to AM 1180 that he was told last week by Commissioner Jason Winters not to send deputies to Cleveland, Georgia to pick up the last two Dodge Chargers and did it anyway. Everett said he went against Winter’s directive because he had an obligation to the dealership and chose to have those two vehicles picked up.

One important issue is the fact that Everett did not follow county procedure for advertising bids in the county’s legal organ, which is the Summerville News. Everett contends that doesn’t make much sense being that the only two dealerships who could have bid are the two dealerships from which he received quotes.  

According to Winters, and the county’s ordinance, the cars must be bid out by sealed bid. Everett said he would do that even though it would be ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer’s money. In an ordinance adopted and signed in 2002 by County Commissioner Jim Parker it is required that sealed bids be received for anything costing more than $5,000.

In a prepared statement Winters states that the sheriff has the ability to purchase according to what is budgeted for the Sheriff’s Department and using proper bid procedure. The sheriff has $45,000 in his annual budget for the purchase of vehicles. Winter’s said, “I am saying that proper bid procedure was not followed and the sheriff cannot enter into a multi-year agreement beyond this year’s budget. What the sheriff has provided as bids are quotes and we will not issue payment until the cars are properly bid.” Winters added that he does not see this as being completely resolved in the next several days.

Winters says the simple matter is the county should not have received the cars until they were paid for.