Chattooga County is waking up this morning to some slippery roads and the potential for another round of vehicle wrecks.

     Dispatchers at the E9-1-1 Center and deputies say the roads are icy.

     Although one Chattooga County truck ran all night spreading salt on rural roads, Commissioner Jason Winters said it is impossible to keep all 560-miles of county roads salted. He urges people to stay tuned to news reports about dangerous roads.

     Roads that are currently closed are: Spring Creek Road, Farmersville Road and Little Sand Mountain Roads. Other roads may be added to this list as icy conditions continue

     This list of closed roads does not mean ice hasn’t formed on other county and state routes. These are just the ones that are extremely dangerous to use for travel.

      Yesterday evening the sheriff’s department and other local emergency responders were kept busy answering a parade of wreck calls. As people start venturing out this morning, Commissioner Winters fears another string of accidents could begin.

The Summerville News