On Monday AM 1180 told you about a report that said Floyd County Commissioners were meeting to discuss a potential "reservoir" at Regal Springs in Chattooga County.  Commissioner Jason Winters says that there are NO plans for any type of "reservoir" at the property.

At issue is a proposal from Forestar Group, the land development company of Temple-Inland, to develop Regal Springs, which is located in Chattooga County, to be able to sell water to the Tri-County area of Chattooga, Walker and Floyd Counties.  Winters said that the company’s plans include developing existing wells on the site and perhaps expanding to be able to provide more water in the future. 

But Winters points out that there are "no plans to develop or create a reservoir or a lake in the area."  Winters said that the Tri-County water proposal is just in the beginning stages and that it simply states that the three counties might be interested in purchasing water from Forestar should they develop existing wells.

The Floyd County Commission met on Monday to discuss the issue and Winters said that Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskel has already voiced her support for the issue.

Winters said that while at this time Chattooga County does not need the water, it could potentially be an economic benefit to the county in the future.