Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters addressed a small crowd of residents from the Cloudland area yesterday evening at the Cloudland Presbyterian Church about the future of the water project at Cloudland.

Winters held the meeting to fulfill the requirements for applying for two separate state grants that would total $1 Million.  The money would be used to extend water on Stateline Road at Cloudland and a portion of Gilreath Mill Road.

Some of the residents that attended the meeting will not be affected by the proposed expansion but are looking for water service in the future.  One resident stated that they felt it was important to be at the meeting even though they would not receive water service from this phase of the project because the issue is so critical to many at Cloudland and they wanted to show their support.

Many of the residents at Cloudland have wells that are inadequate or have sulphur or mineral water.  Winters said that with the additional customers that would be added from this current expansion the water system is looking more like a true "county water system" and stated his goal to expand available water service to all residents of Chattooga County that need water.

Winters said that if the grant is approved, construction could be underway this time next year.