Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters told AM 1180 Chattooga County radio that plans are underway to re-apply for grants to help with the Cloudland Water Project.  Earlier this year the Chattooga County Water District Board voted to allow the Commissioner’s office to pursue all avanues for grant’s and low interest or no interest loans to aid in getting water throughout the county.

Commissioner Winters said that it has been determined that water lines in the Stateline Road and Gillreath Mill Road areas will not have to meet the same depth regulations as other areas because of the geological makeup of the area. 

According to geologist some of the hardest rock in the country can be found on Lookout Mountain.  The water system would be able to be buried with as little as 12" of dirt above the line which would save the county water system thousands of dollars.

Earlier this year Chattooga County and much of Northwest Georgia was shut out of the first round of stimulus money coming from the federal government.  Commissioner Winters said that the county would continue to go after grants and low interest loans to obtain the goal of public water throughout the county.