Georgia had an 18% decline in construction jobs for October over the past year, according to new analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America. The state recorded 161,800 construction jobs last month, comprared to 197,900 of October of last year.

Every state but North Dakota recorded lost construction jobs last month.

The five biggest percentage losses in construction employment over the year occurred in Nevada (26.9 percent, or 30,200 jobs), Arizona (24.2 percent, or 42,600 jobs), Tennessee (22.3 percent, or 29,300 jobs), Kentucky (20.8 percent, or 17,600 jobs) and Connecticut (19.3 percent or 12,500 jobs).

The largest monthly gains were a 4.6 percent rise in Michigan (5,400 jobs); 3.4 percent in Wisconsin (3,500 jobs), 3.3 percent in Indiana (4,000 jobs), 2.6 percent in West Virginia (900 jobs) and 2.3 percent in Rhode Island (400 jobs).

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